Wonders of the World

If traveling is one of your hobbies, you should make plans to go see the Wonders of the World. This will give a chance of exploring different parts of the world. You will get to know more about other people and their cultures. One of the Wonders of the modern World that you should not miss during your trip around the world is the Empire State Building. This is one magnificent work of architecture that will practically blow you away. The Panama Canal is another wonder of the modern World that you should not miss.

If you are a lover of nature, there are some Natural Wonders that are worth seeing. These include Mount Kilimanjaro in Eastern Africa, The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, The Grand Canyon and Mount Everest. History lovers can visit The Stonehenge, The Hagia Sophia, The Great Wall of China, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

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