What to do and see in Tokyo holidays?

Tokyo is a perfect place to plan and enjoy holidays. The city is equipped with national museum to review Japanese heritage and culture. The armors, weapons and old clothes ear showcased to excite you and educate at the same time. You will always love the Japanese food which is available at the road side stalls. People with spiritual nature can visit the Senso-ji- temple to light candle and bask in the smoke of incense which is considered as a major source of healing pains.

Imperial place is another fantastic place to see in our Tokyo visit. It is the gateway to the world’s biggest castle build in style of ancient Japanese culture. Disney Sea and Ueno Zoo are other places to visit and enjoy the great places. In terms of accommodation, there are many options to choose from which include a large range of high rise exclusive hotels. If you look harder however, there is a niche of luxury villas available to suit the more romantic tastes. Tokyo is known for its diversity and colour and possesses an extremely vibrant nightlife culture. The Hub bars are exclusive chain o disco pubs suited for the young generations. Shopping at Tokyo can be easy and relaxing because there are some fantastic options available for people

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