Visit the historical underground sewers of Paris

Travel Paris, EuropeParis is a hot tourist destination with places like Eiffel Tower or Louvre as the major tourist attractions. But, the rich history of the city lie at the most fascinating underground destinations. The Sewers or popularly known as Musee des Egouts’ is one such amazing place full of mesmerizing scenarios that will take your heart away. You will feel as if you are strolling along the city and only difference is that you are underground.

All the sewers have been marked with the street or lane name which is just above making the place an underground counterpart. The Sewer Museum was built during the time of Napolean as a part of political and cultural revolution. The Les Miserables hero, Jean Valjean’s painting is also there who escaped through the tunnels once. You can tour the sewer canals and have a look at the various early techniques of managing sewer used in the past. The historical sewers keep inspiring new ideas for better sewer systems.

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