Visit the great Grand Canyon

 Grand Canyon, travel destinationThe Grand Canyon is situated in the state of Arizona. Its canyon is carved by the age old flow of the Colarado River. Researches show that the canyon is at least 17 million years old. The canyon runs around 277 miles and at some points its around 18 miles wide, the features suggest that this is a great canyon in this world.
This canyon attracts around five million visitors per year. Some of the great tourist activities and attractions are:
• Camping is allowed inside the Kaibab national forest.
• Hiking up and down the canyon are great activities but are restricted in some places.
• You can fly around in a helicopter guided tour.
• You can visit the glass bottomed Grand Canyon skywalk.
• Lipan viewpoint provides a view of the Unkar creek in the inner canyon.
• Other viewpoints are Toroweap and the Guano point.

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