Travel in Hungary and explore the place

Hungary is one of the most beautiful creations of nature. There is lot of exiting things that you can do in your Hungarian holidays. Though most of the tourist attractions are in Budapest, the capital city, rest of the country is yet to be explored. Hiking is one of the major attractions. You can hike mountain ranges like Matra, Zemplen and Bukk. Wine tasting is another attraction. There are more than 30 well known wine regions like Sopron, Eger and Tokaj.

Thermal Springs and Thermal baths are other major tourist attractions. You can find a number of bath houses to soothe and relax yourself. In the mid west of Hungary is the Lake Balaton, which offers a lot of things you can do in summers. You can visit Royal Palace, also known as Buda Castle. Not to forget the Budapest Spring Festival, this is the biggest and best celebration in Hungary.

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