Travel Guide to Sweden

If you are considering going to Sweden here are some of the top attractions that this European nation has to offer. Maybe you will have a chance to visit one or all of them. Stockholm is undoubtedly the number one tourist attraction in Sweden. This grand city of Sweden has so much to delight both tourists and natives: there is the aura of its past as well as a vibrant modern life. Stockholm is truly a modern cosmopolitan center. Don’t miss seeing its archipelago of some 24,000 islands. When people think of Sweden they do not usually think of beaches.

However Sweden has some very impressive beaches near the island of Gotland. Tourists flock there during the Swedish summer months—it is a place to put on your itinerary too. You should also consider visiting Sweden’s extensive system of national parks. Sweden has a proud tradition of national parks with dozens set throughout the nation. Some popular ones include Abiskoc and Padjalenta Park. Whether you are a seasoned traveler in Sweden or a novice paying your first visit, this hospitable nation is sure to charm you into wanting to return again.

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