Travel Europe

Are you planning to go backpacking across Europe with your friends? Well, who from US does not have this dream? Europe has something mystical and magical about it and with so many places that you can visit in this continent, it is natural to get quite overwhelmed. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the places in Europe that you want to visit, especially if you are not planning a very long trip. Here are a few popular European holiday destinations that you should try to visit.

hostels in pragueBarcelona is one of the places that must definitely feature on your European diaries. Barcelona manifests a wonderful synergy between the Spanish and Catalan culture and is rich in tradition. Barcelona has it all; Gaudi architecture, nice sunny beaches and a happening night life. Barcelona offers gourmet delights like tapas and fine wine. You must also travel to Paris, which arguably is the best city in the world. Paris is a picturesque city with the old world charm. Paris is also home to renowned museums like the Musee d’Orsay and Louvre. The monuments Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe and churches like the Notre Dame and Sacre-Coeur are some of the top draws of Paris. Don’t forget to hit Prague either, the biggest city and capital of Czech Republic. The Czech capital features a beautiful synthesis of unique culture with rich history and is famous for its wonderful museums, romantic river cruises, the prestigious Prague Castle etc. It’s good to inform that there are a great range of hostels in Prague for the tourists here at different parts of the city. The Prague travelers are at liberty to choose from a grand luxurious set up to a trendy chic setting or else a comfortable quite resort given the variety of hostels here with awesome reception.

You should try and visit Lisbon as well. The reason behind the popularity of Lisbon among American backpackers is the economical cost of holidaying in Lisbon. The top attractions of Lisbon include museums, gothic cathedrals, quaint shops and shopping at Chiado. The best thing about Lisbon is most of the allures in this city are free. Berlin should be one of your European stopovers as well. Berlin juxtaposes rich history and urban charm and this makes Berlin really interesting. No European trip is complete without visiting London. London has scores of places that you must see and tons of activities that you should indulge in. Other cities worth visiting are Budapest, Rome, Zurich, Cannes and Crete.

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