Top 5 destinations for wine lovers

If you are an avid wine lover then here are some of the highly recommended destinations for wine lovers like you. Here are top 5 destinations for wine lovers around the globe where you can travel for the love of wine:

  • Apulia in Italy- Wines produced here are generally food wines and they go extremely well with the local pasta dishes.
  • Barossa Valley in Australia- This place has lately started gaining popularity as the new world of wine.
  • Bordeaux, France- the ideal place for wine lovers and it is known as the world’s largest high quality wine district. It is the wine capital of the world.
  • British Columbia, Canada- Comprising of amazing vintages, it houses world’s best wine makers.
  • Napa Valley, USA- the wine capital of United States. Here you can find large producing wineries to small boutique wineries.

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