Top 5 attractions in Minas Gerais


Minas Gerais is a city endowed with many minerals and precious ores like iron, nickel as well as uranium. This Brazilian city has a lot of historical, architectural as well as ecological sites which provide excellent attraction sites. The main attractions include arts venues, mines, religious sites as well as fountains. There are water circuits which are thought to have healing powers and have always attracted people.

Conj unto Arquitetonico da pampulha is along the banks of Lagoa Da pampulha and is a popular art gallery. Igreja de Nossa Senhhora da Conceicao is a religious attraction site. It’s decorated with rose and blue pastels. Museu da Inconfidencia is the best historical museum. It has features of the historical happenings of this city. It also has the remains of the country’s revolutionaries. Palacio das Artes is an important cultural center which showcases plays, music concerts as well as other performances from the Brazilian artists and other foreign artists.

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