The Wondrous Hispanic Highlands of New Mexico

New Mexico is full many wondrous places that can turn a simple vacation into an unforgettable one. The Hispanic Highlands in this state have much to offer in terms of natural attractions, fun-filled vacation activities and fine accommodation facilities.

One of the Hispanic Islands that you should visit while in New Mexico is Santa Fe, the state’s capital situated at 6, 996 meters above sea level. The city is full of amazing attractions which include mountainous regions that are popular for skiing and mountaineering. Another Hispanic highland is the Espanola which is situated between the Jemez Mountains and Trucha Mountains. This highland is home to some of the oldest Indian civilization ruins in New Mexico.

Taos is the other popular Hispanic Highland in New Mexico. This highland is popular for its skiing activities as well as art colonies and galleries. Other wondrous highlands include Angel Fire, Chama and Los Alamos

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