The Paris Vacation Tips

Paris is a beautiful city. It is also known as the city of lights. The beauty of the city attracts more than thousands of travelers from all across the globe. Everything about the city is unique from the romantic atmosphere to historic museums, galleries, shopping sites, fashion shows and a lot more. You would simply love to move around the grand boulevards of the city.

April is known to be the month that attracts maximum tourists. This is also a period of the advent of springtime. There are many fantastic tourist destinations in Paris. The Eiffel tower should be on the top of your list. It is also referred to as one of the most spectacular monuments of the world. It offers exquisite view of the city.

Another most visited tourist spot in Paris is the Louvre Museum. This is also one of the oldest museums in Europe. The museum is one of the largest in the Europe. You would get to see a huge collection of paintings, sculpture, and many other decorative objects.

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