The biosphere of Montréal: through fire and ice

biosphere of Montréal, travel tipsThe Biosphere in Montreal is a museum located in Montreal. It is dedicated completely towards the environment and contains various changes and things related to the environment. The museum building is actually an enclosed structure made of steel and acrylic cells.

The dome shaped museum has a diameter of 250 feet and a very complex system of shades is used to maintain the temperature within the museum constant and at a particular level. If you visit the biosphere museum in Montreal then you will have access to four themed platforms.
It is very unfortunate to know that in the year 1976, the museum caught while it was undergoing some structural renovation. While the internal steel truss structure remained undamaged, the external transparent acrylic bubble was completely destroyed.

Moreover every year during the winter, thick layers of ice used to cover up the whole museum. But in spite of these, the museum is still running.

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