The Beauty of Algarve Beaches

Algarve is located in the southernmost region of Portugal and has always been liked for its beaches. It has more than 48 beaches, 4 marines and number of coves. Central Algarve beaches remain busy in summers. There are many beautiful beaches in Praia de Armacoa de Pera, Praia dos Pescadores Praia do tunel and the number goes on.

Western Algarve has some of the world famous beaches. Beauty of Praia de vale centeanes ,Praia de Marina, Benagil is just unimaginable. Lagos has also some amazing and picturisque beaches like Mela Praia.
There are nudist beaches also in Algarve, but only two of them are legal. They are Adegas and Praia do Homem nu. Among the unofficial, there are Praia de Brodeira, Praia do Beliche, Praia das Furnas and many more. There are gay beaches also like Cavalo Preto, Praia Grande, quinta do lago and Faro Island. The Portuguese are not ones to be shy and their bright and colourful swimwear accentuates this fact. Part of the fun of these beaches is the carefree attitudes and great vibes, but the surf is what attracts thousands of water sport enthusiasts to Algarve time and time again. Here you can find some of the best surfing spots in Portugal whether you are a beginner or an expert. Apart from its beaches, Algarve is also famous for its rock formation.

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