Take a Relaxing Holiday in Asturias


Asturias is one of the middle age Spanish kingdoms located on the northern side of Spain. It borders the Cantabrian Sea and its capital, Oviedo, is home to the Asturias traditions, culture and art. When you feel the need to relax, you can visit the Asturias kingdom and enjoy viewing various art master pieces from the renowned Spanish artists.

In the evenings, you are treated to traditional Spanish cuisine while you enjoy cool Spanish tunes played by a Spanish live band. Asturias is a great romantic destination since Spain is believed to be one of the world’s most romantic destinations. An ideal honeymoon destination and for the religious people, there are the San Miguel de Lillo and the Santa Maria del Naranco which are early roman churches. You can visit the Picos de Europa national park or the highest peak in Asturias which is the molar shaped Naranjo Del Burnes.

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