Reliving the myth of Dracula in Romania

Bram Stoker’s Dracula emerged from an ecstatically beautiful place Transylvania which literally means ‘The land beyond the mountains’, beheld by Romania, an equally mesmerizing land of fairytales and mysteries. To revisit the myths and enliven the moments from the novel, it is thus necessary to follow his footsteps and quickly visit Cluj and Pasul Tihara, where the famous castle of the Dracula still stands.

Romania, having been under captivation during the Second World War, is very different from the rest of Eastern Europe. Snowy winters, warm summers, cosmopolitan cities and secluded village, Romania has it all. The increasing number of tourists every year comes for the innumerous castles and gothic monuments, let alone the fortified churches. The medieval churches and monasteries of Moldavia, the well preserved Danube delta, the folklore and traditions of Maramures are some of the famous sites bestowed with beauty. A tranquil serene place, almost forgotten by time, Romania stands high with the rich history and architecture of the place.

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