Moving through fascinating castles in Scotland

Scotland is one of those places which come as a complete tourist package with basically everything, starting from natural scenic beauty encompassing the thousands of historic sites to innumerous old castles, houses, battlegrounds, ruins and museums. The vibrant culture of Scotland itself is a big call to explore the riches of the nation.

Apart from the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, most of Scotland could be seen as a stretch of countryside. Even the city of Edinburgh is inhabited with a lot of castles and their folklores. Glasgow similarly has a gothic spell woven over it in the form of avid Victorian architecture. But the most historic town of the place is Stirling, situated in central Scotland and possessing some of the most beautiful old and ruined castles. If castles are the concern then Scotland has ample to provide. Every small or big town flourishes with castles and with enchanting history of it. No doubt the combined effect of nature and men together has resulted in Scotland being the land of rich culture and heritage.

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