More Mileage, Less Money

There are many ways through which you can save cash during your vacation. Most people normally get themselves rental cars when they are on holiday. The question of whether your car is still covered by your insurance whilst abroad and the potentially sky-high costs if anything does go wrong, puts many people off taking their own vehicle on their trip. The Guardian suggests that you should take out more for breakdown cover if you anticipate going on long journeys abroad. For example, saga car insurance includes a special EU motoring cover: unlimited miles and no extra fees. This is useful to bear in mind but requires a lot of forethought, most people when on vacation want a more spontaneous transport solution. If you opt to get a rental car, you do not have to spend all your vacation money on fuel. If you have a lot of mileage, you will not have to spend a fortune fuelling your car.

When on a trip, one of the last things that should on your mind when looking for gas for your car is the gas brand. You should not go for expensive brands when you can get cheaper ones of the same quality. Avoid driving during rush hours. You will use more gas than you need to during this time. Instead, you should drive when the traffic has cleared. You can also combine all your short trips into a single long one to save on gas and gain mileage.

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