Jungle Tours of the Riviera Maya

In Riviera Maya there are many nature theme parks where one can enjoy jungle tours and have great daytime adventures when on a trip to Mexico. A Dry Cave and Jungle tour that one should not miss is Aktun Chen. There are many monkeys here and a walk here is something which is indescribable in words. There are natural oasis pools in the jungles in Riviera May and these are known Cenotes.

To see the most beautiful Cenotes which one had seen in the movie Journey Into Amazing Caves one should take a tour to Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park. To enjoy biking, tyrolean traverse and a cenote swim one can go to Selvatica. The best and largest eco park on the coast is Xcaret and one must spend the whole day here to enjoy all the activities that ae available for the tourists. Besides these jungle tours there are many more like Xaman Ha Aviary and Xel Ha which one can enjoy when on a trip to Mexico.

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