Idyllic exploration of Norway

Thinking of Norway, the first thing which comes to our mind is the beautiful fjord indented coastlines, the big mountains, the milk white snow in winter and the unspoiled small towns and country life. Norway, with its historical as well as literary connections, is a tourist attraction not only for its varied landscapes, but also for its sporting sites.

Lakes, waterfalls, woods and other scenic beauty of the Norwegian cities of Oslo, Bergen, Trondhiem and Tromso attract several thousand tourists every year and make the place perfect for an idyllic vacation. Long travel distances with immense greenery around are a soul touching experience which percolates deep within the senses. In the face of cultural idiosyncrasy, the Holmenkollen ski jumps and other sports activities are rapidly increasing tourist interest. The isolation of Norway from the rest of Europe, its palaces and castles, distinct architecture, folk museums make Norway to be explored in true sense.

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