Hot attractions in Santa Fe

A vacation spent in Santa Fe is one that you are not likely to forget because there are so many wonderful things to do and countless of thrilling places to visit. Nature lovers will definitely have a lot to enjoy in this New Mexico capital. Some of the attractions found in Santa Fe include the 7,000 feet Rocky Mountains. The Sangre de Christo is a beautifully rugged mountainous region which is popular for its hiking, picnicking and skiing activities.

Another popular attraction in this amazing city is the Cross of the Martyrs which is located on a small hill at Paseo de Peralta. This hill top also provides one of the best views for the city of Santa Fe. There are also a number of museums and cathedrals which draw large crowds each day. Some of the popular Museums include the Museum of fine Arts, the Museum of New Mexico and the Santa Fe Children’s Museum.

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