Exploring Scandinavia

Scandinavia is totally world apart from the rest of Europe. Scandinavia which is also called Nordics generally consists of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway and has a history which is very dissimilar to that of the rest of Europe and this perhaps makes the place more interesting.

A simple refreshing walk through the road is enough to understand the native people and culture of the place, each appealing and yielding in its own way. The major difference of Scandinavia from the other parts of Europe lies in the ultra calm and peaceful atmosphere of the place. When it comes to exploring Scandinavia, one can start from Stockholm, placed strategically on a small island to enhance its beauty. The chance to see the Northern lights in the city of Kiruna is another magnificent view. Visiting Helsinki and Lapland with all its green pasture-lands, cottages and palaces, could be a different experience than visiting Oslo and Denmark, the most colorful part of the region.

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