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Interesting Facts About Spain

Wednesday, June 1st, 2016

Interesting Facts About SpainSpain, well, this name is enough for the instance which we can get in our mind. As we hear Spain we get the thoughts of bulls’ fighting, the dancing of Flamenco, the tomatina fest, etc. and many more of the things which has become all the patent of the country named Spain. But for you all out there only this much information is enough? No right. Then let me help you out with some of the interesting facts about Spain which you cannot miss out to go for. There are many interesting facts about Spain which you can go for because it will help you in not only getting the knowledge of it but will also help you in deciding to visit the place if you are planning for the trip to Spain.

This article will help you in getting all sorts of interesting facts about Spain which you can go for and mark my words it is going to increase up your interest to visit Spain for your vacation trip. For certain interesting facts about Spain which you must know is like the official name of Spain is something different, Spain is considered to be second largest country in Western Europe, etc. and many more of such interesting facts about Spain which you can go for at the time of thought of visiting Spain for your trip.

Interesting facts about Spain

  • Well, if you will ask me than there are many different and fantastic interesting facts about Spain which you can go for. The further discussed things will help you in know more about it. Well, Spain is considered to be having another name which everyone in the world doesn’t know about it. Another name or the original name of Spain is Kingdom of Spain.
  • There are many interesting facts about Spain which you cannot miss to go for. And amongst them another one which can help you in knowing about it is Spain is considered to be the second largest country in whole of the Western Europe and the European Union. Isn’t it something different to hear about? I know definetly you might not have any knowledge about it.
  • The national anthem of Spain has no words but it is only having music which is something different you will be able to notice up when you are here to know about the interesting facts about Spain.
  • How can we forget to mention up about the La Tomatina fest which you will observe in Spain only. It is considered to be their annual festival which you will observe over there. In this festival people throw tomatoes on each other according to the rituals and customs over there.
  • Bull is considered to be the national animal of Spain that is the reason you will get to know more about the bull fighting in Spain.
  • Another interesting fact about Spain is, it comprises of the oldest light house in the world, it is known by the name of the tower of Hercules. It was been made in the first century and it’s still prevailing and being used.



Have A Different Style Of Holiday In Spain

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Spain is the perfect holiday destination for all as one can enjoy skydiving or relax in the mountains or learn diving or stay in a castle like a king. There is a mountain near Alicante called Sierra Aitana and one can enjoy with the family here. There are many activities like caving and mountain biking which the children can enjoy with their parents.

Near the Sella village one can stay in the farmhouse overlooking orchards and olive groves. In the towns of Gerona one can stay luxuriously like a king in the castle which was made in the 14th century and now operates as a 4 star hotel. There is a half hour boat ride from Ibiza to a laid back island called Formentera. The beach and the turquoise waters make this island the perfect place to relax in Spain. One can also enjoy diving and skydive and have an adventure filled holiday. With so much to do one for sure needs to plan a visit to Spain.

A Great Vacation in Benidorm

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Benidorm in Spain is a beautiful and wholesome town which one must visit when on a trip to Europe. The town is located in North of Alicante in Costa Blanca. One can enjoy a beautiful drive in the town and look at the beautiful attractions like Javea, Calpe and Denia. The town has some beautiful beaches and very close to the beaches there are many vacation apartments. The climate of Benidorm is amazing and makes for a perfect vacation.

The party animals will have a great time in the town as the nightlife is very happening with more than thirty dance clubs and discos. For the food lovers the city has hundreds of restaurants serving different cuisines. When a vacation to Benidorm one can enjoy a sunny afternoon on the beach and then enjoy a delicious meal at any of the restaurants and then dance the night away in the discos.

Costa Blanca as a popular tourist destination

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Are you tired of taking the usual route when planning a vacation and searching for something new? Then you should consider traveling to Spain’s famed Costa Blanca area for the vacation of a lifetime. As a tourist destination Costa Blanca is a spot that has something to offer to everyone. Its many beaches and Mediterranean coastline are stunningly gorgeous, perfect for relaxing and getting lost in a romantic reverie.

The weather and climate are nearly uniformly excellent in Costa Blanca. To put it simply, the Costa Blanca area is a vacation destination to fall in love with. No one can visit all the thrilling, breathtaking points of interest in Costa Blanca in just one vacation. However, here are some of the destinations you may want to take in during your stay. The bay city of Altea has much to admire in its old town architecture complemented by lovely beaches. You should also consider a stop at the mountain city of Guadalests for its enrapturing views and scores of museums. Speaking of museums, the charming village called Villajoyosa is home to the Museum of Chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth you will want to pay a visit there! In short, Costa Blanca is an area of immense beauty, proud history, gorgeous beaches and spectacular climate. If you go there, prepare to be thrilled!

Hot attractions in Santa Fe

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

A vacation spent in Santa Fe is one that you are not likely to forget because there are so many wonderful things to do and countless of thrilling places to visit. Nature lovers will definitely have a lot to enjoy in this New Mexico capital. Some of the attractions found in Santa Fe include the 7,000 feet Rocky Mountains. The Sangre de Christo is a beautifully rugged mountainous region which is popular for its hiking, picnicking and skiing activities.

Another popular attraction in this amazing city is the Cross of the Martyrs which is located on a small hill at Paseo de Peralta. This hill top also provides one of the best views for the city of Santa Fe. There are also a number of museums and cathedrals which draw large crowds each day. Some of the popular Museums include the Museum of fine Arts, the Museum of New Mexico and the Santa Fe Children’s Museum.

Take a Relaxing Holiday in Asturias

Friday, February 12th, 2010


Asturias is one of the middle age Spanish kingdoms located on the northern side of Spain. It borders the Cantabrian Sea and its capital, Oviedo, is home to the Asturias traditions, culture and art. When you feel the need to relax, you can visit the Asturias kingdom and enjoy viewing various art master pieces from the renowned Spanish artists.

In the evenings, you are treated to traditional Spanish cuisine while you enjoy cool Spanish tunes played by a Spanish live band. Asturias is a great romantic destination since Spain is believed to be one of the world’s most romantic destinations. An ideal honeymoon destination and for the religious people, there are the San Miguel de Lillo and the Santa Maria del Naranco which are early roman churches. You can visit the Picos de Europa national park or the highest peak in Asturias which is the molar shaped Naranjo Del Burnes.

Travel To Spain and Sample Their Rich History with A Combination Of The Old And Modernity

Monday, November 16th, 2009

nullDo you intend to go to Spain? The country is so rich in history and you cannot afford to miss out on important sites during your visit.

Madrid which serves as the Capital City of Spain has an alluring taste with the old and modern structures blending well for visitors.

Spain is a great tourist hub and attracts about 48 million visitors on an annual basis.

The Prado Museum serves as an important tourist attraction site. It is one of the greatest museums in Europe. It has a collection of more than 4000 paintings which date way back to 15th century.

Donana National Park which is currently under renovation to restore its lost glory is another important tourist attraction site. It is the most popular wetland in Europe.

The Royal Palace is very attractive and gardens are properly and well-maintained.