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Saaremaa Island: An exclusive gateway from the maddening crowd

Monday, August 10th, 2009

nullSaaremaa is a very beautiful island of Estonia a country which gained independence in 1991. People of this island have witnessed and endured several wars for centuries including World War 1 and World War2 but has still preserved its rich culture and heritage. Saaremaa has a serene beauty and dry landscape covered with shrubs. Folk music, folk dance, choir singing brings out their rich culture. One can see the medieval churches like Muhu church built in 13th century, Poide church; Valjale church, which is made of stone, depicts local architecture.

In these churches, one can find beautiful craftsmanship made on rare dolomite stone. Churches, Bell towers, old windmills, stone barricade houses, local costumes and music give a different feel. Saaremaa is rich in flora and fauna. Thousands of migratory birds come to Saaremaa. One can see rare butterflies, roman snails and marble seals. A jeep ride into the safari park of Viideeme and Vilsands is really adventurous and thrilling. Visit to Saaremaa will remain incomplete without trying their cuisine and more particularly their traditional local home brewed beer like Christmas and Tehumardi beer. One must try sweet-sour bread, black rye bread and terviseleib bread at the local bakery. Climate is mild maritime and it is always a joy to be here over and over again.

Sakhalin Island: Experience the beauty of this divine creation

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

nullSankhalin Island is a beautiful long stretch of island located in North Pacific between 45’50’ and 54’24N in Russia. The local people of this island are Sakhalin Ainu, Orokos and Nivkhs. Artifacts of Neolithic Stone Age have been found in this island which bears immense historical significance. Nearly three quarter of this island is covered with mountains rich in flora and fauna. It will be an adventurous journey where in the mountains bears, foxes, reindeers move around and various rare species of birds and Siberian birds come.

The Tym River flows from the mountains which can be an excitement for those who love river rafting and fishing fresh water salmons. Sometimes whales visit the sea coast. Mountain ski is an added attraction. Duck hunting is a good sport and one can try out that. The most popular festival is the Bear festival held during winter where bear is worshipped and offered food and marriages are also held during this time. March to June is wet and from September to October brings foliage. There are a few good hotels like Yuzhno Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok. Sakhalin is a picturesque island and mesmerizing.

Attractions in the Uninhabited Paracel Islands

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

nullThe Paracel Islands are a group of uninhabited islands and reefs in the South China Sea. It’s being claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam due to it’s abundance of fish in the area and for the potential gas and oil reserves. Some of the Chinese garrisons are located at the islands.

The Paracel Islands comprise of around 30 islets, sandbanks or reefs that cover an area of around 15,000 kilometers squared of ocean surface. It is located in the South China Sea, also known as East Vietnam or East Sea.

The Paracel Islands are mostly occupied by turtles that live on the island and the sea birds that often leave nests and deposits of guano.

The Paracel Islands have a hot and humid climate with abundant rainfall and frequent typhoons.
Discovery of oil in Paracel Islands in 1974 led to a conflict between China, Taiwan and Vietnam with China capturing the island and still maintains active occupation.