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Travel Scotland This Winter

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Travel ScotlandScotland, the part of England, is a magnificent destination to million tourists. Scotland occupies the Northern side of Great Britain. North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean have encircled this country. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. There are over 700 islands which are located in Scotland. During 18th Century, Edinburgh became the hotspot to the elite class. There are many tourist spots in Edinburgh.

Enjoy Wintry Season with Your Friends- Visit Scotland

However, summer season is not favorable to people to visit Scotland. Weather is unstable with pinching heat. Streets are congested and overcrowded. For this reason, the best time you can choose is May to September when the weather is comparatively cool. Winter vacation in Scotland is very adventurous and enjoyable. You will get more shinny days to warm up your body. Therefore, you can plan to make a long trip to Scotland. It is a beautiful country. Apart from the landscape beauty and tranquility, you can join many adventure packed sport events. For instance, you can walk around the Cathedral City of Dunkeld and the Blair Castle. It is a fantastic short journey on foot.

Scotland is a mysterious destination for people who like exploration. Try to engage yourself by participating into attractive events. Hiking, safari tours, skiing and overnight mountain biking are some of the popular sports to enjoy. Water rafting and pigeon shooting attract young hearts. Scotland beckons tourists to spend winter vacation with their friends. The fantastic climate and cool ambience must encourage young travelers to undergo romantic trips. Bars, restaurants, and eateries in Scotland are open overnight. So celebrate New Year or Halloween fete by boozing, eating continental dishes and dancing with your sweetheart. In this connection, to make your trip to Scotland successful, call the professional tourist agencies. Experts will guide you to find the best vacation package for visiting Edinburgh during wintry season.

Take the haunted tour of Paris

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Travel Paris, travel destinationAre you planning to visit Paris with your partner soon? Well, Paris is without doubt the most romantic city in the world and you will have a blast there but how about doing something different during the trip? Besides, visiting all the famous must-see places of Paris and doing all the romantic stuff, why not take the haunted tour of Paris?

There are several haunted tours that are organized in Paris and you can take your pick from them. One of the most popular one is the Mysteries of Paris Tour which was introduced in 2010. It is all about exploring the dark side of Paris and this tour will give you the opportunity to witness the mysteries and legends of Paris. During the tour you will be guided by an expert storyteller who will bring all things supernatural to life. In this two hours tour you will learn about Theatre of the Vampires, Bastille mummies, Knights Templar, vampires, serial killers, Eiffel Tower ghost and a lot more!

Visit the historical underground sewers of Paris

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Travel Paris, EuropeParis is a hot tourist destination with places like Eiffel Tower or Louvre as the major tourist attractions. But, the rich history of the city lie at the most fascinating underground destinations. The Sewers or popularly known as Musee des Egouts’ is one such amazing place full of mesmerizing scenarios that will take your heart away. You will feel as if you are strolling along the city and only difference is that you are underground.

All the sewers have been marked with the street or lane name which is just above making the place an underground counterpart. The Sewer Museum was built during the time of Napolean as a part of political and cultural revolution. The Les Miserables hero, Jean Valjean’s painting is also there who escaped through the tunnels once. You can tour the sewer canals and have a look at the various early techniques of managing sewer used in the past. The historical sewers keep inspiring new ideas for better sewer systems.

Spending a summer in Italy

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Travel Italy, summer holidayIf you have been thinking of spending a worthy summer vacation, then it’s time to consider Italy. Known to be one of the best and most popular tourist spots in the world, Italy is visited by people and art lovers from all around the world. Italy is fully modernized today and offers the best in terms of hospitality, comfort and luxury but still maintains that world old charm that all come to witness and feel.

Italy is the centre of art and is full of art lovers and artists of all sorts. If you have an eye for art then you will find Italy to be irresistible. There are hundreds of old world constructions and churches to visit and different forms of art to experience. The local people of Italy are extremely friendly and you will savor the local dishes and cuisine cooked for you in its several restaurants and cafes.

The best of Canterbury for you

Monday, April 30th, 2012

best of CanterburyCanterbury is the historic English cathedral city in United Kingdom. It is truly a beautiful place to visit. The city is peaceful and would be cherished by the art lovers. The places for you to visit in Canterbury are

  • Canterbury Cathedral – this is the place you cannot afford to miss. It is a historic place, as it is the first Church of England. It is designed in gothic style. It was built back in 597.
  • West Gate Museum – it is a history museum. Lovely place to visit for the history lovers.
  • Museum of Canterbury – it is another history museum just .2 km away from the city.
  • Howletts Wild Animal Park – the park is a house to many rare endangered species.
  • St. Augustine’s Abbey – it is a historic site.
  • Westgate gardens
  • Roman museum
  • Canterbury Norman Castle
  • Tor Spa Retreat
  • Dane John Gardens


Travel Europe

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Are you planning to go backpacking across Europe with your friends? Well, who from US does not have this dream? Europe has something mystical and magical about it and with so many places that you can visit in this continent, it is natural to get quite overwhelmed. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the places in Europe that you want to visit, especially if you are not planning a very long trip. Here are a few popular European holiday destinations that you should try to visit.

hostels in pragueBarcelona is one of the places that must definitely feature on your European diaries. Barcelona manifests a wonderful synergy between the Spanish and Catalan culture and is rich in tradition. Barcelona has it all; Gaudi architecture, nice sunny beaches and a happening night life. Barcelona offers gourmet delights like tapas and fine wine. You must also travel to Paris, which arguably is the best city in the world. Paris is a picturesque city with the old world charm. Paris is also home to renowned museums like the Musee d’Orsay and Louvre. The monuments Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe and churches like the Notre Dame and Sacre-Coeur are some of the top draws of Paris. Don’t forget to hit Prague either, the biggest city and capital of Czech Republic. The Czech capital features a beautiful synthesis of unique culture with rich history and is famous for its wonderful museums, romantic river cruises, the prestigious Prague Castle etc. It’s good to inform that there are a great range of hostels in Prague for the tourists here at different parts of the city. The Prague travelers are at liberty to choose from a grand luxurious set up to a trendy chic setting or else a comfortable quite resort given the variety of hostels here with awesome reception.

You should try and visit Lisbon as well. The reason behind the popularity of Lisbon among American backpackers is the economical cost of holidaying in Lisbon. The top attractions of Lisbon include museums, gothic cathedrals, quaint shops and shopping at Chiado. The best thing about Lisbon is most of the allures in this city are free. Berlin should be one of your European stopovers as well. Berlin juxtaposes rich history and urban charm and this makes Berlin really interesting. No European trip is complete without visiting London. London has scores of places that you must see and tons of activities that you should indulge in. Other cities worth visiting are Budapest, Rome, Zurich, Cannes and Crete.

Attractions London offers during the winters

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

If you are planning a trip to London during the winters then there are lots in store for you. There are amazing attractions in the city of London during the winters. Some of the highly recommended places to visit are:

  • Winter Wonderland- It is London’s largest Christmas Fair and market. The place is filled with unlimited entertainment, food and drinks where you can enjoy a gale time.
  • Somerset House- known for its glamorous ice rink. It also houses art galleries.
  • Natural History Museum- During The winter the museum hosts many other activities like the ice skating rink, bars serving drinks and wildlife photography exhibition.
  • Covent Garden market
  • ZSL London zoo

During the winters you can get the airfares and hotel bookings at cheaper rate. If you are visiting during New Year then you got to experience the New Year’s eve fireworks from London’s Eye.

Moving through fascinating castles in Scotland

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Scotland is one of those places which come as a complete tourist package with basically everything, starting from natural scenic beauty encompassing the thousands of historic sites to innumerous old castles, houses, battlegrounds, ruins and museums. The vibrant culture of Scotland itself is a big call to explore the riches of the nation.

Apart from the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, most of Scotland could be seen as a stretch of countryside. Even the city of Edinburgh is inhabited with a lot of castles and their folklores. Glasgow similarly has a gothic spell woven over it in the form of avid Victorian architecture. But the most historic town of the place is Stirling, situated in central Scotland and possessing some of the most beautiful old and ruined castles. If castles are the concern then Scotland has ample to provide. Every small or big town flourishes with castles and with enchanting history of it. No doubt the combined effect of nature and men together has resulted in Scotland being the land of rich culture and heritage.

Exploring Scandinavia

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Scandinavia is totally world apart from the rest of Europe. Scandinavia which is also called Nordics generally consists of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway and has a history which is very dissimilar to that of the rest of Europe and this perhaps makes the place more interesting.

A simple refreshing walk through the road is enough to understand the native people and culture of the place, each appealing and yielding in its own way. The major difference of Scandinavia from the other parts of Europe lies in the ultra calm and peaceful atmosphere of the place. When it comes to exploring Scandinavia, one can start from Stockholm, placed strategically on a small island to enhance its beauty. The chance to see the Northern lights in the city of Kiruna is another magnificent view. Visiting Helsinki and Lapland with all its green pasture-lands, cottages and palaces, could be a different experience than visiting Oslo and Denmark, the most colorful part of the region.

Reliving the myth of Dracula in Romania

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Bram Stoker’s Dracula emerged from an ecstatically beautiful place Transylvania which literally means ‘The land beyond the mountains’, beheld by Romania, an equally mesmerizing land of fairytales and mysteries. To revisit the myths and enliven the moments from the novel, it is thus necessary to follow his footsteps and quickly visit Cluj and Pasul Tihara, where the famous castle of the Dracula still stands.

Romania, having been under captivation during the Second World War, is very different from the rest of Eastern Europe. Snowy winters, warm summers, cosmopolitan cities and secluded village, Romania has it all. The increasing number of tourists every year comes for the innumerous castles and gothic monuments, let alone the fortified churches. The medieval churches and monasteries of Moldavia, the well preserved Danube delta, the folklore and traditions of Maramures are some of the famous sites bestowed with beauty. A tranquil serene place, almost forgotten by time, Romania stands high with the rich history and architecture of the place.