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Best beaches in Hawaii

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Are you off for your Hawaii vacation? Well then take a look at the top Hawaii beaches which can make your trip a real unforgettable one. If you are willing to spend your day swimming in lazy waters then the Lanikai beach of Oahu would be your perfect destination. Crystal clear water, long and wide beach nicely bordered by the palm and coconut tree and the local sea food shacks would surely make you a fan of this place.

On the other hand if you want to capture both the mountains and the ocean in your frame then you must visit the Kanapali black rock beach of Maui which is known for its spectacular scenic beauty. Fishing, sunbathing, kayaking and several other means of entertainment are present in this beach. Hapua beach is known for its marvelous white sand beauty and at poipu beach is reputed as the best family beach in Hawaii where the water is channeled by the rocks creating a pool. Make sure to stay at one of the Hawaiian beach rentals on your trip to Hawaii.

Reliving the myth of Dracula in Romania

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Bram Stoker’s Dracula emerged from an ecstatically beautiful place Transylvania which literally means ‘The land beyond the mountains’, beheld by Romania, an equally mesmerizing land of fairytales and mysteries. To revisit the myths and enliven the moments from the novel, it is thus necessary to follow his footsteps and quickly visit Cluj and Pasul Tihara, where the famous castle of the Dracula still stands.

Romania, having been under captivation during the Second World War, is very different from the rest of Eastern Europe. Snowy winters, warm summers, cosmopolitan cities and secluded village, Romania has it all. The increasing number of tourists every year comes for the innumerous castles and gothic monuments, let alone the fortified churches. The medieval churches and monasteries of Moldavia, the well preserved Danube delta, the folklore and traditions of Maramures are some of the famous sites bestowed with beauty. A tranquil serene place, almost forgotten by time, Romania stands high with the rich history and architecture of the place.

Beautiful destinations in Australia

Friday, April 15th, 2011

If you love to travel and visit different cultures, rich history, and exclusive wild life then Australia is the place for you. It has everything a tourist would look for. From an old history to modern cities like Sydney to wild life that only exist in Australia itself. Visiting Australia will not only please you but also enhance your knowledge about a different civilization all together and the history of some stunning places.

However, there are certain places that are beautiful enough that you should not miss. Sydney is one of those places that you cannot afford to miss. It has a beautiful and modern infrastructure; you will see amazing museums, shopping malls, opera houses and etc. On the other hand, you can visit Sydney tower to have a bird eye view of the whole city.

The Green Cauldron is another place that would make you scream. The vast crater is created by a volcano. Then, there are these rainforests sheltered in crater that is amazingly mesmerizing to see.

If you are looking to visit a place for some beautiful and amazing destinations, then go for Australia.

Choosing a golfing holiday

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Golf lovers can now enjoy a quality golfing holiday because customized options are available over Internet. Golf is a game enjoyed by many people and people often wish to take a break and play their favorite games. Now, the booking option is available online and people can book slots at any course. With the availability of all the information over Internet, it is now easier to pick options and generate quote for a personalized golf holiday online. You can browse the pictures of courses and decide the perfect course which has magnificent facilities and peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the best holidays.

It is advisable to book tee time with coordination from a nearby hotel. You can spend quality time and enjoy unlimited golf round and plays. The golf chosen must be big and should have ample space to flex your brain and muscles; and plan your shots. Family vacation can be planned also in an affordable package system.

Amsterdam- Why Miss an Occasion

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

If you are looking for a place to spend your holidays, you should consider visiting Amsterdam. This city is not only Netherlands capital it is also the country’s creative and cultural center. This city is a favorite with many holiday makers. Below are some of the things that make Amsterdam to be a world leading tourist destination.

It is very easy to travel around the city since it has an extensive and reliable transport system. There are many attractions and tourist activities in Amsterdam. They include Museums, The Amsterdam Dungeon and a number of ancient synagogues and churches. The architecture found in Amsterdam is also something of a wonder. There are many organized tours around the city. You can visit the city any time of the year because of its favorable weather conditions. The best months to visit however are between March and December. When you visit Amsterdam, you will not have a moment of regret.

Travel to Farmington

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


Do you want to spend you vacation in style? You should travel to Farmington, New Mexico to enjoy the vacation of your dreams. This is the perfect place for numerous thrilling adventures, amazing attractions, exciting outdoor activities and world class accommodation.

Some of the most outstanding attractions are the beautiful landscapes that cover the whole city. One of the places that you should visit during your vacation in New Mexico is the Farmington Four Corners. Apart from unique landscapes, this area is also home to cultural treasures that have a history dating back to many thousands of years.

You can also visit the Aztec Ruins National Monument for a glimpse of the history of ancient Aztecs. Another amazing attraction is the Chaco National Historical Park, where you will find evidence of Puebloan culture and architecture. You can as well visit the Mesa Verde national Park to enjoy some exciting hiking experiences.

Auckland’s Beautiful Backyard

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


Auckland is an incredible city because of its spectacular skyline that glitters in the bay and the streets are filled with a kind of cosmopolitan air. If you need a break from the bustle and bright light of Auckland, you can travel the twelve miles east of Auckland into the Hauraki Gulf where you will come face to face with Waiheke which is a gorgeous green island that has several sandy beaches, eclectic homes as well as grassy meadows.

The journey to Waiheke is half an hour and you have to be at Auckland busy port to catch a ferry. The climate of Waiheke is generally warm and is warmer than Auckland. It is 20 kilometers long and most of it is uninhabited. Apart from the natural allure of sand and sea, Waiheke is also popular for dance parties that are held at Stonyridge Vineyard during the summer season and it play host to several events including wine jazz among others. Auckland is also very well regarded for its vineyards and quality of fine wine. This region is one of the best producers of Australian wine which is exported and enjoyed around the world.

Top 5 attractions in Minas Gerais

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


Minas Gerais is a city endowed with many minerals and precious ores like iron, nickel as well as uranium. This Brazilian city has a lot of historical, architectural as well as ecological sites which provide excellent attraction sites. The main attractions include arts venues, mines, religious sites as well as fountains. There are water circuits which are thought to have healing powers and have always attracted people.

Conj unto Arquitetonico da pampulha is along the banks of Lagoa Da pampulha and is a popular art gallery. Igreja de Nossa Senhhora da Conceicao is a religious attraction site. It’s decorated with rose and blue pastels. Museu da Inconfidencia is the best historical museum. It has features of the historical happenings of this city. It also has the remains of the country’s revolutionaries. Palacio das Artes is an important cultural center which showcases plays, music concerts as well as other performances from the Brazilian artists and other foreign artists.

Spitsbergen, Destination of Choice for the Adventurous Cruise Passenger

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

nullSpitsbergen lies halfway between the northernmost part of Norway and the North Pole. Spitsbergen is the largest island on the Svalbard Archipelago and a great destination choice for adventurous cruise passengers.

Cruise ships are available in plenty especially at the Island’s capital, Longyearbyen, which also serves as the Norwegian administrative center for Svalbard.

The Svalbard Museum located at Svalbardporten in Longyearbyen is a great site. It provides an in-depth analysis on the history of the islands since their discovery four centuries ago.

Other activities that tourists may be interested in include glacier trekking, wildlife watching tours, horse riding and boat trips.

Visitors can get a glimpse of the great shopping centre located at the heart of Longyearbyen. Shops are equipped with several silver, gold, enamel, glass, porcelain and potteries antiques.

However the weather patterns are unreliable and it can be cold anytime of the year and snow is frequent and heavy.