Best beaches in Hawaii

Are you off for your Hawaii vacation? Well then take a look at the top Hawaii beaches which can make your trip a real unforgettable one. If you are willing to spend your day swimming in lazy waters then the Lanikai beach of Oahu would be your perfect destination. Crystal clear water, long and wide beach nicely bordered by the palm and coconut tree and the local sea food shacks would surely make you a fan of this place.

On the other hand if you want to capture both the mountains and the ocean in your frame then you must visit the Kanapali black rock beach of Maui which is known for its spectacular scenic beauty. Fishing, sunbathing, kayaking and several other means of entertainment are present in this beach. Hapua beach is known for its marvelous white sand beauty and at poipu beach is reputed as the best family beach in Hawaii where the water is channeled by the rocks creating a pool. Make sure to stay at one of the Hawaiian beach rentals on your trip to Hawaii.

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