Auckland’s Beautiful Backyard


Auckland is an incredible city because of its spectacular skyline that glitters in the bay and the streets are filled with a kind of cosmopolitan air. If you need a break from the bustle and bright light of Auckland, you can travel the twelve miles east of Auckland into the Hauraki Gulf where you will come face to face with Waiheke which is a gorgeous green island that has several sandy beaches, eclectic homes as well as grassy meadows.

The journey to Waiheke is half an hour and you have to be at Auckland busy port to catch a ferry. The climate of Waiheke is generally warm and is warmer than Auckland. It is 20 kilometers long and most of it is uninhabited. Apart from the natural allure of sand and sea, Waiheke is also popular for dance parties that are held at Stonyridge Vineyard during the summer season and it play host to several events including wine jazz among others. Auckland is also very well regarded for its vineyards and quality of fine wine. This region is one of the best producers of Australian wine which is exported and enjoyed around the world.

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