Attractions in Florida

Attractions in Florida, travel to FloridaFlorida is the land of fun, sunshine and tropical extravaganza.  There are many water theme parks, ocean-ariums, historical buildings, long beaches, and beach drives to explore. The world famous Ripley’s franchise is present here in Florida. The Foundation for Youth is also enjoyed by many travelers and residents as well. This is a marine escapade with a package of water parks, underwater creature show and museum tours. Florida has a great history and that is why some parts of the city still have semi-restored ancient buildings. The 1930 Depression Era monuments are still intact as well.

You can enjoy a lot of activities in Florida like exciting horseback rides, local festivals and exciting nightlife in some of the finest pubs and clubs. Have the time of your life in the Dolphin Adventure of Marine land. The dolphins are well trained and have their own shows where you can see how intelligent, smart and playful they are, visitors are also sometimes allowed to interact with the dolphins.

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