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Top 3 Places to Visit with kids

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

While travelling with your kids, the simple trick to get them interested is picking up the right destinations which offer them with the activities of their tastes, likes and interests. Here are some top pick up for you to visit with your kids.

New York City

Newyork hall of scienceNew York is such a place which attracts a lot of people by its beauty and pleasantries. New York site seeing would be incomplete without seeing the great Statue of liberty, Empire state building and Ellis Island immigration museum. The museum is a real attraction to the kids as it has the models of dinosaurs and colossal blue whale model. The empire State building is such famous that it has been viewed in many of movies making it a place of enormous interest for visitors. It’s a representation of New York City since 1931. Other interesting activities to do is New York sky ride which is an exciting helicopter tour. You can also have a visit to Madame Tassaud’s wax museum. One of the interesting place to visit is also time square central park and The Big Apple is just a piece to love. How can we forget Nigara falls while visiting New York. It’s a must visitable place.


Philadalphia placesPhiladelphia consists of many kid friendly places which give fun, educational knowledge, scary experiences and much more. Starting from the visit to the fabulas independence hall which awaits adventures for you. Then you can have a philadelphia’s ghost tours with the spirits of America’s founding fathers. It’s really scary. For having another haunted experience you can visit graveyards namely St. peter’s cemetery and have a meet with Benjamin Franklin who is said to have been roaming city streets after his death. After giving some scary adventures to your kids you can have some knowledgeable visit to world class science museum  and Philadelphia museum of art. Then for having some kiddish fun you can explore places like please touch museum which offers you with activities like interactive exhibit zones along with a restored 100 year old carousel. Teenagers can lay and pretend amid Alice’s wonderland and can also have river adventures. Also take a visit to liberty bell centre, Philadelphia zoo and long wood gardens.


Coca-Cola london eyeKids have an attraction towards London as it is associated with mystery and discovery. One of the reasons of this attraction is due to literature and films. We can take names of Sherlock Holmes, peter pan and some young wizards. Kid’s attraction in London is its famous river Thames Which was polluted before but now it is fresh and lively with beautiful fishes and tour boats. The famous museum that grabs kids attention are British Museums, Natural history museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal Museum Greenwich. Tower of London is very famous and must explorable place of London where you can gaze at the 23578 gems which are known as crown jewels. You can have a tour of Yeoman warder which depicts you some haunted stories from the tower’s history which will scare you off. It depicts the story of 6 ravens who made this tower their home and according to the legends, their presence assures the continuityof the kingdom. There is still something you might want to see but that need courage and bravery. Only the brave kid can explore the most iconic of the prisons where the interactive prisoners exhibit about the people, lived there and also died there.  Coca-cola London Eye is also one of the kids favorite as it takes you to a remarkable height and let you see some of the amazing breath taking views from its capsule.