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Nightlife of Paris

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Nightlife of ParisAre you the kind of person that stays awake all night and sleeps by the day? Paris is then your choice of a holiday destination. Known for its intriguing nightlife, mind blowing boulevards and cocktail bars Paris is a treat to the eyes, the taste buds and to the senses. In this article are given a few must visit places in Paris if you go there to experience its mesmerising nightlife.

Oberkampf: this district became famous for its nightlife in the mid 90’s. This district is mostly filled with Parisian crowd. However in the recent times this bar has become less attractive due to overcrowding. Some of the night delight cafes here are cafe Charbon, Les Pirates, Panic room and a new one which has opened recently- UFO Bar.

Marais: another famous district of Paris known for its nightlife. One thing about this district which makes it even more popular and different from others is the population of gay and lesbian crowds. There are cafes which are there especially for them. Amnesia is a cafe here especially for the Gay and 3W, another cafe here for the lesbians.

Champs Eleséus: Louis Vuittons flagship stores and many other cafes which are famous for their nightlife’s are found here in this place. This place is not the World’s greatest boulevard anymore but the impact it got from Godard’s Breathless will always remain a plus point about this place.

Cabaret: if you have got bored with your cocktails and drinks visit the cabaret shows in Paris. There are bare breasted women (like Las Vegas) performing dances and acrobats which will blow your mind by the grace elegance and poise.

Palace of Versailles:
glamour and elegance is how the nightlife here in this palace can be described. One of the most extravagant palaces in Europe has nightlife of socialising with the elite and political games.