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Take a trip to the Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum

Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Touchstone WildlifeThe Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum is one of the most famous museums locates in Haughton. This museum has around 1000 mounted animals that belonged to various different species and were from different parts of the world. The museum makes use of the taxidermy art or technology for preserving the animals. By taxidermy you can create a near realistic natural habitat of the animals. This allows future study when the animals actually don’t exist.

During your visit to the museum, you will come across many animals which have extinct long ago. You can also experience the natural habitat of the animals.

You can also see various memorabilia from the world war, civil war in America etc. There are many Indo-American artifacts in this museum as well. If you want to take some souvenir of the museum, you can go to the museum gift shop where various things are available. So, before you visit USA the next time, make sure you visit the Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum. Do a proper research about the museum so that you don’t miss out anything.