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2 unusual places to visit at least once in life

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Travel destination, travel tipsLife is an adventure and the planet in which we live is vast for us. There are thousands of places to explore and have adventures and soak in cultures and traditions of various places, enjoy the climates of different regions and of course experience world food cuisines. The fun of travelling is that you never know what to expect. So here are 2 unusual places you must go to at least once in your life. The Vale da Lua in Brazil is one of the most stunning places of the world. This place is also called the “Valley Of The Moon” because of the unusual texture of the rocks there which look like pieces of land and rocks from the moon. It is near to Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park.

If you are into creepy things, then do pay a visit to La Isla de la Munecas or the “Island Of The Dolls” in Central America. You will find the place strewn with decapitated or rotting ugly and creepy dolls hung from trees and buildings in the memory of a little girl who died at an early age. The dolls are menacing enough in the day and the eerie feeling is worse in the darkness.