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Discover Cuc Phuong Tour on Vietnam Vacation

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The Cuc Phuong tour at Hanoi is a tour to relax your senses and get amazed by the natural scenes. The national park is located at south west area of Hanoi and is occupied with some great tree and animal species. Around 2000 tree species are available to discover the true value of Mother Nature. The animal zone tour is done in a fully protected vehicle to safeguard the travelers.

The ecological park is boosted with fresh and vibrant environment filled with different voices of animals to excite people. This natural park contains all the facilities like rescue centre and visitor welcome centre to guide the travelers. The park headquarters’ also acts as the place to serve lunch for visitors. The trail facility is available to view wild life from an exciting angle. Famous caves will make you feel excited and visualize the old Vietnam heritage never seen before.

Hanoi tour by night

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Hanoi tour should be done in night because the nightlife is very famous in the place. The Bia Hoi 68 Hang Quat provides access to some of the great qualities of draught beer to enjoy them. The cocktail lounge can feed you with some unique and fresh food items complaint with beer. The Ly club contains some great quality sofas to sit and enjoy the night with some foot stopping music. The cabaret acts at Hanoi is considered as one of the favorite night life activity.

The Jazz club operates mainly on night is the perfect place to feel great and enjoy time with your partner. The colorful atmosphere combined with cool customer service fills you with energy and spirit. The Lan Chin is another hang out spot to enjoy beers and cock tail food. The playing zone entertains and engages the people. It is one of the perfect places to hang out with friends and partner and relish a memorable night.

What to do and see in Tokyo holidays?

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Tokyo is a perfect place to plan and enjoy holidays. The city is equipped with national museum to review Japanese heritage and culture. The armors, weapons and old clothes ear showcased to excite you and educate at the same time. You will always love the Japanese food which is available at the road side stalls. People with spiritual nature can visit the Senso-ji- temple to light candle and bask in the smoke of incense which is considered as a major source of healing pains.

Imperial place is another fantastic place to see in our Tokyo visit. It is the gateway to the world’s biggest castle build in style of ancient Japanese culture. Disney Sea and Ueno Zoo are other places to visit and enjoy the great places. In terms of accommodation, there are many options to choose from which include a large range of high rise exclusive hotels. If you look harder however, there is a niche of luxury villas available to suit the more romantic tastes. Tokyo is known for its diversity and colour and possesses an extremely vibrant nightlife culture. The Hub bars are exclusive chain o disco pubs suited for the young generations. Shopping at Tokyo can be easy and relaxing because there are some fantastic options available for people

Minorca Holidays – A True Delight

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Are you looking for an awesome place to spend quality time I Spain? Then, Minorca is the best place to enjoy cost effective holiday package. The place is actually an island present near to Mediterranean Sea. The stone monuments or art works attracts the people to get amazed. The hotels and resorts are equipped with quality Spanish food and great customer service. The X- Factor is the breathtaking places and beaches to relax with your partner. Honey moon couple often spends quality time because local wine is very famous. The wildlife at Minorca thrills the traveler because rare species can be observed at the island.

The night camp fire and activities will delight you and ensure the people are having a rocking time. Island being located near to the sea is also a perfect place to enjoy sea food cuisine freshly served by many local restaurants.