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Natural attractions of Mexico

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Mexico is an amazingly stunning town with so many natural attractions for the tourists to enjoy and have a great vacation. Undoubtedly Mexico is an exotic land and the beautiful Michoacán’s Million Monarch March gives the impression like a fairy tale. From the months of December to April the gray whales and humpbacks come to Bandera’s Bay for breeding and then they instruct their little ones which makes for a beautiful sight.

If you are visiting Mexico between the months of June and November, you have to see the sea turtle nesting beaches. In these months the he turtles come to the beaches to lay eggs. Protective nesting areas have been developed to keep the turtles and the eggs safe from predators. The Lago Bacalar is the second largest lake in Mexico and is a must see because of the changing water colours which vary from pale blue to deep blue green and turquoise. Besides these there are many other natural attractions which can be enjoyed by tourists.

A Great Vacation in Benidorm

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Benidorm in Spain is a beautiful and wholesome town which one must visit when on a trip to Europe. The town is located in North of Alicante in Costa Blanca. One can enjoy a beautiful drive in the town and look at the beautiful attractions like Javea, Calpe and Denia. The town has some beautiful beaches and very close to the beaches there are many vacation apartments. The climate of Benidorm is amazing and makes for a perfect vacation.

The party animals will have a great time in the town as the nightlife is very happening with more than thirty dance clubs and discos. For the food lovers the city has hundreds of restaurants serving different cuisines. When a vacation to Benidorm one can enjoy a sunny afternoon on the beach and then enjoy a delicious meal at any of the restaurants and then dance the night away in the discos.

Tropical Malaysia

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Tropical Malaysia is a great destination for travellers as there is a lot for them to do. There are many activities and attractions for all tourists and there is something for everyone. There is Kuala Lumpur which is the metropolitan city and a perfect blend of nostalgic charm of the old world and sophistication. Another beautiful and amazing place in Malaysia is Penang which is an island with Chinese influence.

Perfect place for snorkelling and diving is Pulau Redang which is one of the nine islands which form the marine park in Malaysia. Another perfect place to relax in Malaysia on a holiday is Pulau Pangkor. Emerald waters wash the beach in Langkawi. This place with caves and rainforests is a must visit when on a holiday to tropical Malaysia. There is shopping, golf, outdoor activities besides many other things. With so much action available, Malaysia undoubtedly is one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

Costa Blanca as a popular tourist destination

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Are you tired of taking the usual route when planning a vacation and searching for something new? Then you should consider traveling to Spain’s famed Costa Blanca area for the vacation of a lifetime. As a tourist destination Costa Blanca is a spot that has something to offer to everyone. Its many beaches and Mediterranean coastline are stunningly gorgeous, perfect for relaxing and getting lost in a romantic reverie.

The weather and climate are nearly uniformly excellent in Costa Blanca. To put it simply, the Costa Blanca area is a vacation destination to fall in love with. No one can visit all the thrilling, breathtaking points of interest in Costa Blanca in just one vacation. However, here are some of the destinations you may want to take in during your stay. The bay city of Altea has much to admire in its old town architecture complemented by lovely beaches. You should also consider a stop at the mountain city of Guadalests for its enrapturing views and scores of museums. Speaking of museums, the charming village called Villajoyosa is home to the Museum of Chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth you will want to pay a visit there! In short, Costa Blanca is an area of immense beauty, proud history, gorgeous beaches and spectacular climate. If you go there, prepare to be thrilled!

Visit Puerto Vallarta

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Are you planning a summer vacation but unsure where you want to go? You should consider the incredible beauty of Puerto Vallarta, a renowned tourist destination in Mexico’s west coast. This lovely beach town has incredible beaches, a friendly atmosphere and an abundance of activities sure to please everyone. In Puerto Vallarta the beach is the life. You can try your hand at surfing, snorkelling in underwater caves, and kayaking around the bay, just to name a few.

If you are into fishing Puerto Vallarta can meet you at the dock, just bring your pole. There are numerous charter boats to help you enjoy the exhilaration of deep-sea fishing in Baderas Bay. If fun on the land is more your thing there are plenty of opportunities for you in Puerto Vallarta as well. You can play a round of golf or take an ATV or bike tour through the back roads and scenic jungles that are found in and around Puerto Vallarta. You can also take in the natural beauty of the Puerto Vallarta area on horseback as well. There is such an abundance of things to do in Puerto Vallarta while being surrounded by its majestic natural beauty that you may find yourself wanting to live there.

Travel Guide to Sweden

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

If you are considering going to Sweden here are some of the top attractions that this European nation has to offer. Maybe you will have a chance to visit one or all of them. Stockholm is undoubtedly the number one tourist attraction in Sweden. This grand city of Sweden has so much to delight both tourists and natives: there is the aura of its past as well as a vibrant modern life. Stockholm is truly a modern cosmopolitan center. Don’t miss seeing its archipelago of some 24,000 islands. When people think of Sweden they do not usually think of beaches.

However Sweden has some very impressive beaches near the island of Gotland. Tourists flock there during the Swedish summer months—it is a place to put on your itinerary too. You should also consider visiting Sweden’s extensive system of national parks. Sweden has a proud tradition of national parks with dozens set throughout the nation. Some popular ones include Abiskoc and Padjalenta Park. Whether you are a seasoned traveler in Sweden or a novice paying your first visit, this hospitable nation is sure to charm you into wanting to return again.

Wonders of the World

Monday, June 7th, 2010

If traveling is one of your hobbies, you should make plans to go see the Wonders of the World. This will give a chance of exploring different parts of the world. You will get to know more about other people and their cultures. One of the Wonders of the modern World that you should not miss during your trip around the world is the Empire State Building. This is one magnificent work of architecture that will practically blow you away. The Panama Canal is another wonder of the modern World that you should not miss.

If you are a lover of nature, there are some Natural Wonders that are worth seeing. These include Mount Kilimanjaro in Eastern Africa, The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro, The Grand Canyon and Mount Everest. History lovers can visit The Stonehenge, The Hagia Sophia, The Great Wall of China, The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the ancient Egyptian Pyramids.

More Mileage, Less Money

Friday, June 4th, 2010

There are many ways through which you can save cash during your vacation. Most people normally get themselves rental cars when they are on holiday. The question of whether your car is still covered by your insurance whilst abroad and the potentially sky-high costs if anything does go wrong, puts many people off taking their own vehicle on their trip. The Guardian suggests that you should take out more for breakdown cover if you anticipate going on long journeys abroad. For example, saga car insurance includes a special EU motoring cover: unlimited miles and no extra fees. This is useful to bear in mind but requires a lot of forethought, most people when on vacation want a more spontaneous transport solution. If you opt to get a rental car, you do not have to spend all your vacation money on fuel. If you have a lot of mileage, you will not have to spend a fortune fuelling your car.

When on a trip, one of the last things that should on your mind when looking for gas for your car is the gas brand. You should not go for expensive brands when you can get cheaper ones of the same quality. Avoid driving during rush hours. You will use more gas than you need to during this time. Instead, you should drive when the traffic has cleared. You can also combine all your short trips into a single long one to save on gas and gain mileage.

Best Travel Websites

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

When planning for a trip, it is a good idea to find out as much as possible about your travel destination. There are many source of this kind of information. You can get it from travel handbooks and directories. The best source of travel information is the internet. There are many websites which have extensive details about travel and travel destinations. However, not all websites can be relied on for the best information on travel destinations.

The best travel websites contains information about what you should expect in different travel destinations. This includes details on the tourist attractions found in a place. The website should also contain information on accommodation facilities of different destinations. There should also be conclusive information on the best restaurants and shopping outlets in a place. The best travel websites should provide information about how to get to a particular travel destination. Most of these websites also give the prices of different airlines.