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Scotland: Reviving pristine beauty

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

nullThe pristine beauty of Scotland has always fascinated people all over the world. The history of this highland is written by valor, struggle, romance, literature, music and architecture. Thistle a kind of wild weed is the national symbol of Scotland. Men look charming in Kilt and chequered tartan which once happened to be the traditional costume and are still in use during military parade and social functions like marriages.

In Edinburgh one can see Arthur’s seat which gives a beautiful bird’s eye view of the capital. Edinburgh castle, zoo, National Portrait Gallery and Princess Street with best shops are good for sightseeing. In Glasgow one can see fossil grove in Victoria Park and majestic cathedral. In Scotland the playing of bagpipes has an enthralling effect and this tradition has proudly continued till today from 15th century. There are many beautiful legends of Scotland and folk music and dance. The scenery of majestic mountains and undulating landscape are mesmerizing. Adventurous people can try horse riding, trekking and golf playing.

For wild life lovers there are eagles, whales, dolphins and otters. In cuisine one may try haggis, smoked salmon with other dishes. Wickerman is a popular art and music festival. One can visit Scotland at any time of the year.