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Scandinavia: Vacation under the Scandinavian influence

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

nullNorway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark known as Scandinavian Countries lying in the Arctic region are travelers’ paradise. A beautiful thing to watch in Norway and Iceland is the Northern Light or Aurora Borealis which can be seen best during summer to April. Midnight summer where sun is visible 24 hrs can be seen in May, June and July. In Norway one can find arctic fox, mountain hare, tundra wolf, Raccoon dogs which don’t bark but are dangerous and Eurasian Lynx cats in the woods. Lynx hunting is a good sport but is discouraged by the government. In Iceland magnificent waterfalls, glaciers, high-flowing rivers, whales in the sea, nightlife and blue lagoon will welcome you to Iceland.

In Thingvellir, one can see tectonic plates shifting apart from each other and in Westmann Island one can see volcanic activities. In Sweden Stokholm is the attraction for its well maintained heritage buildings and many boutiques, handicrafts and antique shops for those who love shopping. The national museum of Sweden preserves fine art collections, prehistoric and medieval art and collection of lapp art and culture. Goteborg is the birth place of Volvo cars and a visit to Volvo museum can be exciting. Malmohus castle and St Petri church is a must to see. In Gotland and Lummelunda caves wonder of stalagmites and stalactites can be seen. Bohuslan bears the relics of Bronze Age and Vikings. In Sewedish cuisine there are Falukorv, blodpudding, kottbullar and lot more. One may tryout boat trips, canal cruise, skiing, and sea fishing. Plains, meadows and lakes make Sweden look like a painting. In Denmark Copenhagen is a place to be.

The world famous statue of little mermaid and Tivoli garden are some other splendid watches. There is ship museum of Vikings and Shakespeare’s Kronborg castle of hamlet. The countryside is picturesque and Arhus is known for its night life. One must try the Danish pastry and cookies.