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Saaremaa Island: An exclusive gateway from the maddening crowd

Monday, August 10th, 2009

nullSaaremaa is a very beautiful island of Estonia a country which gained independence in 1991. People of this island have witnessed and endured several wars for centuries including World War 1 and World War2 but has still preserved its rich culture and heritage. Saaremaa has a serene beauty and dry landscape covered with shrubs. Folk music, folk dance, choir singing brings out their rich culture. One can see the medieval churches like Muhu church built in 13th century, Poide church; Valjale church, which is made of stone, depicts local architecture.

In these churches, one can find beautiful craftsmanship made on rare dolomite stone. Churches, Bell towers, old windmills, stone barricade houses, local costumes and music give a different feel. Saaremaa is rich in flora and fauna. Thousands of migratory birds come to Saaremaa. One can see rare butterflies, roman snails and marble seals. A jeep ride into the safari park of Viideeme and Vilsands is really adventurous and thrilling. Visit to Saaremaa will remain incomplete without trying their cuisine and more particularly their traditional local home brewed beer like Christmas and Tehumardi beer. One must try sweet-sour bread, black rye bread and terviseleib bread at the local bakery. Climate is mild maritime and it is always a joy to be here over and over again.