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Sakhalin Island: Experience the beauty of this divine creation

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

nullSankhalin Island is a beautiful long stretch of island located in North Pacific between 45’50’ and 54’24N in Russia. The local people of this island are Sakhalin Ainu, Orokos and Nivkhs. Artifacts of Neolithic Stone Age have been found in this island which bears immense historical significance. Nearly three quarter of this island is covered with mountains rich in flora and fauna. It will be an adventurous journey where in the mountains bears, foxes, reindeers move around and various rare species of birds and Siberian birds come.

The Tym River flows from the mountains which can be an excitement for those who love river rafting and fishing fresh water salmons. Sometimes whales visit the sea coast. Mountain ski is an added attraction. Duck hunting is a good sport and one can try out that. The most popular festival is the Bear festival held during winter where bear is worshipped and offered food and marriages are also held during this time. March to June is wet and from September to October brings foliage. There are a few good hotels like Yuzhno Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok. Sakhalin is a picturesque island and mesmerizing.