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Places to Visit in Poland

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

nullPoland is one of the largest European countries located along the fistula order and the Baltic Sea. It is endowed with intriguing features that range from historical monuments, parks and rich traditions.

The landscape is wide with the Southern part being occupied by the Carpathian and Sudeten Mountains. Lowlands and uplands stretch throughout Central Poland. The northern part of the country is highly forested and covered with thousands of lakes.

Exciting facilities with modern and comfortable hospitality, recreation facilities, campsites, mountains, water sports gear for hire and riverside marinas await those who chose Poland as their choice of destination.

Other important sites are the St John’s Cathedral, a facility which was built way back in 1400 in Gothic Architectural style. The market square is also an important stop furnished with beautiful architecture and an abundance of traditional shops.

Also the Royal Castle located near the old town offers an exciting view with its Baroque style of 1300.