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Discovering the Autonomous Region of South Ossetia

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

nullSouth Ossetia is a region in the north-central of Georgia. It occupies the southern slopes of Greater Caucasus Mountains. The region is populated largely by the Ossetes, a Caucasian speaking people speaking an eastern Iranian language. Most Ossetes live in the neighboring federal republic of Northern Ossetes-Alanian in Russia, which occupies the northern slopes of the greater Caucasians and the rest of the population are Georgians

South Ossetes is deeply intersected by rivers which are used to harness hydroelectricity power. The vast majority of the region lies more than 3,300 feet above sea level. Only about one-tenth of the area in Southern Ossetia area is cultivated. Grains, fruits, and vines are grown partly under irrigation.
Sheep are raised on the higher slopes, and the considerable forest wealth is exploited.

The republic of South Ossetia got it’s independence from Georgia in 1990 and the Georgian government responded by abolishing Southern Ossetia‚Äôs autonomy but failed all the same.