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Interesting Places in Newfoundland

Monday, November 10th, 2008

nullThe islands of Newfoundland lie at the easternmost part of Canada. The Newfoundland is roughly triangular, with each side being approximately 400 kilometers and having an area of 108,860 square kilometers. Newfoundland is bordered by another island called Labrador and are separated by the Strait of Belle Isle, which is 125 kilometers long.

The larger part of Newfoundland is an extension of the Appalachian system. The eastern part of the island is mostly made up of folded sedimentary rocks with some intrusions of indigenous rock.

The rest of the island is made up of a variety of Paleozoic rocks of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic origin. Along the west coast lies the Long Range Mountains.

Newfoundland is home to 14 species of mammals and two of their animal-life has been declared extinct: the Great Auk which is a flightless bird and a species of Gray Wolf.

Many rare herbaceous plants and insects are also found in this island.