Affordable Hotels in London

September 10th, 2015

London has always had the reputation of being one of the most expensive cities in the world. Although a study by The Standard shows that the capital only came 12th among some of the most revered cities in the world. However, the cost of living in London is still quite high and makes it difficult for travelers to find affordable, yet good quality hotels in the area. Luckily, there are few accommodation options in the city that are suited for budget travelers.

Travelodge Hotels
Travelodge has a number of budget hotels spread across the city, with one of them being in a prime location in Stratford. Within walking distance of the Stratford High Street DLR station and near landmarks such as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Tower of London, the Stratford branch is a great place to stay. Families traveling with kids under the age of 15 can stay for free, and the all-you-can-eat breakfast is also free for children.

Hotel Ibis London Heathrow Airport
Generally, cheap hotels are hard to find around airports, as Parking4Less describe, “most hotels cater for business travelers during the week so some bargains can be had for weekend stays.” Although there are some exceptions, like Hotel Ibis, a three-star hotel that’s a short ride away from London Heathrow and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Starting at £55 per night, you can receive complimentary Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking. If you’re coming in late from Heathrow or have a morning flight and don’t feel like spending too much on a one night stay, then this is the ideal hotel for you.

European Hotel King’s Cross
Nestled in Argyle Square, the family-run bed-and-breakfast comprises of a row of 19th century townhouses, just a short walk from St. Pancras stations as well as Oxford Street and other shopping districts. Some of the rooms at the European Hotel have to share facilities, but most of them do have ensuite bathrooms. A full free English breakfast buffet is available for guests.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

July 7th, 2015

Hawaiian VolcanoesGeographically one of the best and interesting National Parks in all United States is Hawaii national park. It is such a place where you can witness the wonder of the wonder of nature come into action. Hawaii volcanoes national park is situated in the US state of Hawaii on the Hawaii Island established in the year 1916. Check out the landscape change in front of your eyes at Hawaii volcanoes national park. It contains two most active volcanoes in the world. It is Mauna Loa and Kilauea. Mauna Loa is 4170 m high while Kilauea is 1250 m high. There are lava flows which reveal surprising geological formations and this is the reason why people are attracted to see Hawaii volcanoes. Extremely rare birds and rife species can be found over there along with giant ferns.

It is a sacred place for Hawaiians and a source of attraction for the visitors to see the process of creation and destruction. The park constitutes 33000 acres from the summit of Mauna Loa to the sea. You have varied exciting activities to do such as hiking. There is 150 miles of hiking trails through volcanic craters, petroglyphs, walk in lava tubes, museums, scalded deserts and rainforests. It is so popular that UNESCO named it a world biosphere site in 1980 and in 1987 this Hawaii volcanoes national park was honored as world heritage site.

Kilauea is considered as the world’s only drive in volcano. This volcano has currently capacitates to produce 250000 to 650000 cubic yards of lava per day which is able to resurface the 20 mile long road daily. Due to this much lava, 491 acres of new land has been developed on the Hawaii island. It is believed that the goddess of lava Pele resides here. The scene to see the blistering lava flows meeting the sea is really phenomenal.

Volcano Mauna Loa when measured from the ocean floor is known to be the greatest volcanic mass on the whole earth. A high diversity of plants is also seen here along with featuring life form and physiognomic differences. There are in all 23 different vegetation types described for the park. There are 5 different eco system in this national park starting from submontane seasonal and coastal lowlands, montane rainforest, montane seasonal and subalpine. There are 41 rare flora species and are native to the place and this is a striking feature for grabbing the special attention of the visitors. The Hawaii volcanoes national park is very rich in sense of archeological remains such as native villages, paved trails, temples, shelter caves and agricultural areas. Similar to natural areas of Hawaii, the park has certain biological changes since the man’s arrival. The changes were made to grow sugar and pineapple and the local forest were removed directly or altered for this purpose. The native of the forest habitants has been troubled due to these changes. Introduction of new species has also taken place such as pig goat and mongoose. The species which are locally and wide spreaded available there are Hawaiian hoary bats.

Top 3 Places to Visit with kids

April 30th, 2015

While travelling with your kids, the simple trick to get them interested is picking up the right destinations which offer them with the activities of their tastes, likes and interests. Here are some top pick up for you to visit with your kids.

New York City

Newyork hall of scienceNew York is such a place which attracts a lot of people by its beauty and pleasantries. New York site seeing would be incomplete without seeing the great Statue of liberty, Empire state building and Ellis Island immigration museum. The museum is a real attraction to the kids as it has the models of dinosaurs and colossal blue whale model. The empire State building is such famous that it has been viewed in many of movies making it a place of enormous interest for visitors. It’s a representation of New York City since 1931. Other interesting activities to do is New York sky ride which is an exciting helicopter tour. You can also have a visit to Madame Tassaud’s wax museum. One of the interesting place to visit is also time square central park and The Big Apple is just a piece to love. How can we forget Nigara falls while visiting New York. It’s a must visitable place.


Philadalphia placesPhiladelphia consists of many kid friendly places which give fun, educational knowledge, scary experiences and much more. Starting from the visit to the fabulas independence hall which awaits adventures for you. Then you can have a philadelphia’s ghost tours with the spirits of America’s founding fathers. It’s really scary. For having another haunted experience you can visit graveyards namely St. peter’s cemetery and have a meet with Benjamin Franklin who is said to have been roaming city streets after his death. After giving some scary adventures to your kids you can have some knowledgeable visit to world class science museum  and Philadelphia museum of art. Then for having some kiddish fun you can explore places like please touch museum which offers you with activities like interactive exhibit zones along with a restored 100 year old carousel. Teenagers can lay and pretend amid Alice’s wonderland and can also have river adventures. Also take a visit to liberty bell centre, Philadelphia zoo and long wood gardens.


Coca-Cola london eyeKids have an attraction towards London as it is associated with mystery and discovery. One of the reasons of this attraction is due to literature and films. We can take names of Sherlock Holmes, peter pan and some young wizards. Kid’s attraction in London is its famous river Thames Which was polluted before but now it is fresh and lively with beautiful fishes and tour boats. The famous museum that grabs kids attention are British Museums, Natural history museum, Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum and Royal Museum Greenwich. Tower of London is very famous and must explorable place of London where you can gaze at the 23578 gems which are known as crown jewels. You can have a tour of Yeoman warder which depicts you some haunted stories from the tower’s history which will scare you off. It depicts the story of 6 ravens who made this tower their home and according to the legends, their presence assures the continuityof the kingdom. There is still something you might want to see but that need courage and bravery. Only the brave kid can explore the most iconic of the prisons where the interactive prisoners exhibit about the people, lived there and also died there.  Coca-cola London Eye is also one of the kids favorite as it takes you to a remarkable height and let you see some of the amazing breath taking views from its capsule.

Experience the beaches of Sri Lanka this summer

April 28th, 2014

beaches of Sri LankaThe island country of Sri Lanka features amazing scenic views which are best experienced from the beach tours. Aptly dubbed as “Pearl of Indian Ocean” the Lankan nation looks no less than mesmerizing with its stretches of golden beaches by the vast Bay of Bengal & the mighty Indian Ocean, fringed with palm & coconut trees. Are you planning a beach holiday this summer? Well, the picturesque Lankan beaches can be the ideal destination for you this time.


It’s conveniently situated just seven kilometers from Bandaranaike Airport. Famous for its aesthetic beauty, the Negombo beach looks amazing with its long golden stretch of sandy coastline. It’s one of the bustling beaches of the island country, featuring great eateries, good accommodation facilities & electrifying nightlife. It’s quite an experience to watch the sun setting gradually over the mighty ocean while strolling across the bridge.


It’s often dubbed as the best beach of the country thanks to its pristine sandy stretch & clear inviting water spread. The beach is mostly for the young travelers and there are a great lot of accommodations at offer for the visitors at Unawatuna. The beach is famous for its dive sites & vast bio-diversity.


The Bentota beach is another most popular Lankan beaches. It’s located in Galle and is mostly popular for its aquatic adventure provisions. The beach is especially meant for the watersports enthusiasts and some of the very popular water sports offered here are diving, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, water skiing, wind surfing & sailing. Besides, the Bentota beach presets a really romantic backdrop assuring one of the best of honeymoon destinations of the world.

Weligama beach

The Weligama beach looks amazing with its spectacular vista dotted with rubber and coconut plantations as well as rice fields & Buddhist pagoda. There are provisions for dolphin and whale watching tours for the adventurous tourists.

Top 5 places to travel in China

February 6th, 2014

travel in ChinaChina is home to some of the most fascinating and mysterious places in the world. The top five places to visit when you are in China are as follows:

• Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum- ever since the discovery of this place in 1974, travelers have always wondered how the art and sculpture was done in this place. More than 700,000 slaves helped in the construction of this massive tomb which was done under the reign of the then emperor Qin Shi Huang. 8000 soldiers dress in a unique uniform are seen to guard this eternal piece of work and it is one of the first places where you must visit when you are in China.
• The Great Wall of China- considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World it stretches for more than 8000 kilometers. This great wall starts from East China and ends in the West. It is known for its historic significance as it was built almost 2000 years ago during the rule of the Ming dynasty to safeguard against the invading armies
• The Forbidden City of China- although the name says it is forbidden but in reality it is not. This place is known for the various legends and myths and it includes great attractions for tourists. The spectacular architectural creations, the imperial gardens, the Palace Museum and the different courts in this place make it a must visit for tourists in China.
• The tombs from Ming dynasty- they are basically located in Beijing and the scenery of this place is amazing. The tomb of 13 emperors is present in this place and it is famous for its unique architecture and landscape design. This is the place from where Feng Shui was invented.
• The pyramids of China- they are an interesting place to visit because if you are on your own you will never be able to locate this place although you may be standing right over it. Special guides are appointed for this place and it is famous for the history and most importantly the vegetation. And you thought pyramids are only in Egypt !

Nightlife of Paris

December 26th, 2013

Nightlife of ParisAre you the kind of person that stays awake all night and sleeps by the day? Paris is then your choice of a holiday destination. Known for its intriguing nightlife, mind blowing boulevards and cocktail bars Paris is a treat to the eyes, the taste buds and to the senses. In this article are given a few must visit places in Paris if you go there to experience its mesmerising nightlife.

Oberkampf: this district became famous for its nightlife in the mid 90’s. This district is mostly filled with Parisian crowd. However in the recent times this bar has become less attractive due to overcrowding. Some of the night delight cafes here are cafe Charbon, Les Pirates, Panic room and a new one which has opened recently- UFO Bar.

Marais: another famous district of Paris known for its nightlife. One thing about this district which makes it even more popular and different from others is the population of gay and lesbian crowds. There are cafes which are there especially for them. Amnesia is a cafe here especially for the Gay and 3W, another cafe here for the lesbians.

Champs Eleséus: Louis Vuittons flagship stores and many other cafes which are famous for their nightlife’s are found here in this place. This place is not the World’s greatest boulevard anymore but the impact it got from Godard’s Breathless will always remain a plus point about this place.

Cabaret: if you have got bored with your cocktails and drinks visit the cabaret shows in Paris. There are bare breasted women (like Las Vegas) performing dances and acrobats which will blow your mind by the grace elegance and poise.

Palace of Versailles:
glamour and elegance is how the nightlife here in this palace can be described. One of the most extravagant palaces in Europe has nightlife of socialising with the elite and political games.

Travel Scotland This Winter

November 20th, 2013

Travel ScotlandScotland, the part of England, is a magnificent destination to million tourists. Scotland occupies the Northern side of Great Britain. North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean have encircled this country. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. There are over 700 islands which are located in Scotland. During 18th Century, Edinburgh became the hotspot to the elite class. There are many tourist spots in Edinburgh.

Enjoy Wintry Season with Your Friends- Visit Scotland

However, summer season is not favorable to people to visit Scotland. Weather is unstable with pinching heat. Streets are congested and overcrowded. For this reason, the best time you can choose is May to September when the weather is comparatively cool. Winter vacation in Scotland is very adventurous and enjoyable. You will get more shinny days to warm up your body. Therefore, you can plan to make a long trip to Scotland. It is a beautiful country. Apart from the landscape beauty and tranquility, you can join many adventure packed sport events. For instance, you can walk around the Cathedral City of Dunkeld and the Blair Castle. It is a fantastic short journey on foot.

Scotland is a mysterious destination for people who like exploration. Try to engage yourself by participating into attractive events. Hiking, safari tours, skiing and overnight mountain biking are some of the popular sports to enjoy. Water rafting and pigeon shooting attract young hearts. Scotland beckons tourists to spend winter vacation with their friends. The fantastic climate and cool ambience must encourage young travelers to undergo romantic trips. Bars, restaurants, and eateries in Scotland are open overnight. So celebrate New Year or Halloween fete by boozing, eating continental dishes and dancing with your sweetheart. In this connection, to make your trip to Scotland successful, call the professional tourist agencies. Experts will guide you to find the best vacation package for visiting Edinburgh during wintry season.

A thrilling tour to Mauritius!!

November 8th, 2013

tour to MauritiusOne of the most favorite holiday destinations for most families in the world is undoubtedly Mauritius. It is famous for its scenic beaches. Its rich cultural heritage along with the outstanding views will fill your heart with joy and amazement. It has many islands such as Agalega, Cargados Carajos Shoals being some of them.

The most famous spots that attract most of the tourists across the world are its finest beaches with its ultramarine blue waters and green surrounding is the center of attraction for nature lovers. The stunning contrast between the blue sea and the white sand makes it look more attractive. The exciting water sports are a specialty in Mauritius. This place also has few wildlife parks and sanctuaries that is the home to a wide variety of rare species of plants and animals. Some of the wildlife parks are namely La Vanille Crocodile Park, Black River Gorges National Park, and Domaine du Chasseur. This land is surrounded by coral reefs. The Casela Bird and Natural Park has a wide variety of bird species. Bicycling through the natural park is another important sport that you should not miss. Taking photographs while you are on a safari ride is very interesting.

There are also a few museums in Mauritius. The blue penny museum deserves a visit as it has a wide collection of antique pieces, art works, collection of rare coins pictures from history and much more. The place where you live in Mauritius should be such that it leaves an ever lasting impression on your mind and soul. Mauritius is also known for its classic restaurants and villas. The services and comfort provided there is praise worthy. The beach side villas are perfect place to make your holiday even more exciting. Reservations of these villas can be done in advance.

A guided tour in Iceland

October 16th, 2013

tour in IcelandHave you been thinking of going on a vacation with your close pals for quite some time now? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative, then get packing for Iceland. The countryside of Iceland is truly unique and its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is always changing. An ice hockey field today might become a lake tomorrow and a waterfall that is a icy trickle today may be a gushing stream the next week. The fjords can be dotted with tiny islands or they can be jammed with medium or large sized floating ice sculptures. If you want to explore this unique beauty of nature, then you must book a trip to Iceland.

If you are wondering how you should chalk out the itinerary for the Iceland trip, then the first thing that you should do is book the six days tour known as the Glaciers, Geysers & Waterfall Tours. This is one of the most popular escorted tours in Iceland and will enable you to see all the natural wonders that this land is home to. This tour includes visits to the national parks situated on the southern shores and you will also be able to explore the Skaftafell, which is undoubtedly a sight to behold. It is a huge protected area where there are volcanoes, extensive plains and one of the biggest attractions of Skaftafell in the Vatnajokull, the largest piece of ice mass you will probably get to see if you do not visit the Antarctic or Arctic. With Iceland being the largest icecap in the European continent, you will also be able to witness the glacial spurs which are nothing less than dramatic.

Another place that you will visit during the guided tours is the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon which is also located in Skaftafell and is breathtakingly beautiful.

Enjoy an unforgettable Spanish holiday in Barcelona

October 4th, 2013

Spanish holiday in BarcelonaAre you planning a trip to Barcelona? That’s simply fantastic as the gorgeous and versatile Catalonia capital is one of the most amazing tourist sites of the world. The Spanish city draws in umpteen numbers of visitors every year- given its favorable weather throughout the year, warm reception, surrounding mountains, spectacular beaches, sumptuous cuisine as well as an electrifying nightlife. The article here is a short note on some of the must visit attractions in Barcelona.

Barcelona is famous for its soccer enthusiasts and hosts the largest sporting arena in Europe- Camp Nou. The magnanimous stadium looks simply breathtaking with enormous caliber of accommodating 99,000 spectators. No tour of Barcelona can be complete without a hit across Camp Nou. Then, there is Parc Guell, the most celebrated of Gaudi’s master pieces. The fairytale architecture of the building is truly mesmerizing and will make feel like taking a trip to some magical land. It houses the legendary Salamnder sculpture & other structures and building fabricated by the iconic Spanish architect. The Parc Guell, is, in fact, one of the must visits when you are on a romantic holiday in the Catalonia capital.

Sargada Familia is another master-piece by Antoni Gaudi. It’s a majestic basilica which is unfinished yet, since its inception in the year 1882. It’s supposed to get completed by the year 2026. The glorious interior and exterior of Sargada Familia draws in several visitors throughout the yea

As mentioned earlier, the city is famous for its gorgeous beaches of which the most popular is Barceloneta. Barcelona has been lately voted as best of beach cities across the world by the National Geographic team. There are altogether 7 beaches in city but if want to relish the Barcelona beach culture at its best, Barceloneta is the most viable option for you.